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Many Animals Set to Music

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Animals Wolves Found @

Animal Animals Wolf Wolves Print Prints
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Animal Prints and More.....

The wolf, bright eyed, bushy tailed, this animal image has wonderful texture from the technique used to create it. Wolves are a topic people value a greatly.

The sad fact is, in the wild, these animals average a fleeting life expectancy of three years.

My shop at offers fine art prints to the public. As an artist, I wanted to explore and find new ways of making images. As a print, the image above brings the wolf's life force into the room. As an artist that is the reward. 

Wolf Wolves

Wolves Wolf Animal Animals Prints Print
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Wolf Wolves on the Run

Wolves we are finding have the utmost importance in the eco-system. The resurgence of the animal in the US makes most of us very happy. The wolf symbolizes freedom to many people. As much as we have bred dogs from the wolf, regard these animals in the wild is deep in our collective conscience.

Animal prints of this wolf are available. This is one of two images I created of him. The textured fur makes the print come very much alive.


Horse Horses Animal Animals Print Prints
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Horses Bewilder and Love Us

Sally is a neighbor's horse, I have taken artistic liberties with her likeness to create a more dramatic image. In this, the time of day is late afternoon, twilight. She is a gentle animal making her way across a field. My neighbor's girl has always loved to ride horses

With my art prints, I am very experimental. The animals I feature, different techniques were used in each creation. I would like to suggest, the final print on a luster photo paper will have an elegant quality. Other substrates are available.


Animal Animals Duck Ducks Print Prints
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Mallard Ducks in High Contrast

A Mallard Duck rising off the surface of a local pond. The flight of this animal seems precarious to our eye, ducks seem to have no doubt in their strength. 

Water in silver tones splashing behind his webbed feet. Wings reaching for the air, his plumage spread in flight. As animals, birds have a power man had sought through the ages. 

Animal prints of this clean take off adorn nature lovers' homes. On photo paper, the print comes in a selection of papers, I like luster. Other substrates are available, canvas, metal, wood, and acrylic. 

Giraffes Wonderful Animals

Animal Animals Print Prints Giraffe Giraffes
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Giraffes Capture Our Imaginations

This dramatically lit giraffe animal print is a very unique aesthetic for the adults in the household. She is very child friendly for the younger crew. 

Giraffes are animals that fascinate human beings. Maybe not all of us believe in evolution, I do, but that long neck gives all of us pause. It is one of the most striking adaptations in nature. My prints, while extremely different, are conventional, and meant to be hung in a good home.

Squirrel Prints

Animal Animals Print Prints Squirrel
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The Squirrel is Just Doggone Cute

Each of these animal prints utilizes a different technique. Animals get an artistic treatment depending on their fur or feathers, size, nature, habitat, and how we relate to the beast.

This local squirrel is a wonderful little character. He is fast and delicate. Charging up trees, and down limbs, out onto the smallest of branches. This print in a child's room reaches out to the young animal lover. 


Animal Animals Print Prints Raccoon Raccoons
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Prints, Raccoons are very Industrious Animals

The raccoon up in the rafters print has been created with a beautiful experimental technique. The animal is at easy way up high in the barn looking down. Raccoons are intelligent animals. The critter loves his family, and will rescue the young in different circumstances. 

Photo paper prints are best as luster paper.